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TwiterTool provides various range of tools for Twitter. Among which Twitter Video Downloader is one.This is a Free Online Tool which you can use to download any Video from Twitter. At this moment Twitter doesn't allow users to download Twitter Videos & GIFs directly. Our Twitter Video Downloader will help you to download and save twitter videos and GIFs from any tweet. You can use our Video Downloader from Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc on computer, android, iPhone. Twitertool's Video Downloader allows you to download videos and GIFs in various sizes provided by Twitter in mp4 format. It's very simple and easy to use.

How to Download Twitter Videos And GIfs with TwiterTool

It's very easy to Download Twitter Videos or GIFS with TwiterTool's simple yet powerful Twitter video downloader. You can directly download and save the video in your computer or mobile. You just need to copy the URL link of the tweet and paste it in the input-box and click on "Download" button beside.

If you are facing any trouble understanding how it works, below are some simple steps shown with screenshots. Follow these simple steps below. This will help you understanding things better.

Step 1: Copy the tweet URL link

To get started with our Twitter Video Downloader tool, you first need to get the tweet URL link containing a Video or GIF that you want. Remember, if the tweet doesn't contain any media or video it will return an error. Now, click on the tweet and copy the link from the address bar by either pressing CTRL+C on keyboard or right click on mouse and select copy from the menu. The URL link is now saved in clipboard and we are ready to proceed for step 2.

Copy Video URL to download twitter video

Step 2: Paste the copied URL link in the input field

As you have got the URL link now, scroll on top of the page and and paste the URL link in the input box where it says "Enter the tweet link here" by either pressing CTRL+V on keyboard or right click on the mouse and select paste from the menu. And then click on the download button beside.

Paste link in the twitter video downloader input-box
Step 3: Choose your desired download option

After clicking download button, you will be redirected to download page where you will have multiple options to download from. To directly download your desired format/size, right click on the download button and select "Save link as.." option from the menu to save it. If you want to watch the video before downloading, just click on the download button. A new window will open with the video preview page. You can also download the video from preview page. Just click the 3 dot menu on the bottom right side and click on download. Both examples are shown below.

Select the desired option to download the twitter video or GIF Select the desired option from three dot menu to download the video

Disclaimer: does not host any copyrighted content on its server. All the contents that users download are downloaded from twitter's CDN server. TwiterTool is in no way affiliated with TwiterTool's twitter video downloader only helps to connect users with the CDN link from which the content can be downloaded.